Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You ever thought about what an impact you make on someone's life. For just a second, maybe minute, maybe even night. Think about it... think about how many people in your life you have come in contact with, had a conversation with, a simple hello, a subtle goodbye, a smile, a gesture... anything. Think of how many people have impacted you when you had lost hope or wanted to give up, and then that one person that random or not so random person smiled at you or showed interest in your life. Did it help you? Of course.

Too many times we walk around this world, our city, our town... with our head in our ear phones, or face glued to our phones. Where is our interaction... with each other. We have lost ourselves... in technology.

I think back to the past few, well 21 years of my life... and think of those that impacted me. Those people, friends, strangers, family members, Christian, non Christian... whoever that for that one second, minute, hour, night, or day... made a difference in this girls life. Most didn't know it... but made a difference... in this girls life.

To that one girl in high school that stood up for me when all the rest didn't. For being my friend, for seeing the real me. You made a difference in my life.
For those two guys in high school that made me believe I was beautiful. You made a difference in my life.
To that one stranger on the phone. You made a difference in my life.
For that one smile, that one hug, that one uplifting message, one i love you, and Cierra you're worth it...
It all made a difference in my life.
ALL of it.

So give that one smile, that one hug... to that one person, friend, or stranger... and make a difference in their lives.

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