Thursday, November 18, 2010

A lot things can make people unhappy, sad, distant, confused, and hurt... but think about it what really do we have to be unhappy about. What are we all sitting here worrying about. More times out of none more than half of us are blessed more than we even realize, and just take it for granted. EVERYDAY. We take the ever so little things for granted... just waking up in the morning is a blessing in itself. Living in a home, taking a shower, having clothes to put on our bodies is a blessing. It all is. Some people don't even have this. People struggle to find somewhere to sleep for the night, and we complain about our living situations? Or so and so has a bigger house than us... or we wish we had this and that. Most people would be satisfied with something to just crawl into... a square inch to keep from the cold wind and rain. Why are the way we are, why do we take these things for granted.
I would like to say the Holiday Season is a very beautiful time, with joy, laughing, and peace. But for most we all know that this is not true. Most of us it is a somber sad time where we think of those that we have lost... the family we don't have, or did have and completely is out of there lives. Holidays can be sad and just remind some people that they are... well, alone. Alone, like Thanksgiving and Christmas are just another day for them. They won't wake up with family and friends and with a turkey and stuffing and the whole deal. They'll be lucky enough to wake up at all, surviving another night.
So, this Thanksgiving let us be thankful and remember how blessed we are for EVERY little thing. EVERYTHING. Let us remember those who are alone this Holiday Season, and those hurt on the inside even when they don't show it. Because if we're all alone, well we're all together in that...

Think about it :)

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