Monday, November 1, 2010

Hocus Pocus

Halloween 2010

Minnie & Mickey Mouse
friday night. we went to Pace's and had a little get together/party for all our friends. the night was certainly unexpected, and very entertaining to say the least... never a dull moment with the group of friends we have that's for sure. our costumes were home-made which are always the BEST. although it seemed as though everyone in the world was minnie mouse for halloween. they were missing one key thing; a mickey mouse (;
(love my girls)
The best group by far <3

Saturday night we went to another Halloween party and ended up being yet another themed couple. peebles and bam bam. i was a little upset at the fact that no one knew who i was, and kept thinking that pace was fred flinestone. did people not watch the flinestone's when they were younger, they did have kids! either way the second night was just as fun as the first. i love holidays and celebrating them, and doing all those festive things. i'm such a big kid at heart; and it will stay that way forever.
Pebbles & Bamm Bamm
Happy Halloween!

Halloween night we ended up passing out candy to the kids as Minnie and Mickey. ended up seeing the most adorable kids on the planet. i saw one girl as an avatar, and i asked her did she really watch that movie (keep in mind she was about 5 years old) and she answered, "yes, it's my favorite.." ADORABLE! then a family of five kids walked up, and were the whole cast of the wizard of oz. my heart melted. i wanted those children to be my kids. WOW, yet again ADORABLE. pace doesn't understand the meaning of passing out a piece to each kid, he's giving every kid hand fulls... so we run out within an hour. however if you ventured over to the Garthright's house this Halloween you would find my dad "Big Zeph" passing out coloring books, crayons, and bouncy balls to kids. only my family. one little boy my mom told me said to my dad, "but i don't color!" my dad said, "four years old and you don't color!" like really wow, get the kid a coloring book. what has the world done to our youth. iLOVEDcoloring. however receiving that in my halloween sack, i am not so sure about. but still, only my dad. gotta love him.

hope everyone did all the tricks and got all their treats this halloween.
i know i did (;


  1. Would you be willing to sell the Mickey and Minnie costumes?

  2. where did you get that minnie skirt?! its so cute!