Sunday, November 7, 2010

i don't know what it is... the cooler air, the jolly spirit, the food, the smells... the time of year... or how about.
Jesus is THE reason for the season. hm, how about EVERY season. true, i am guilty of it too. this time of the year just bring me much more happiness and joy. but imagine those people that have nothing, this time of the year is just like any other day or month. imagine a child that's never been able to sit next to a fire, decorate a christmas tree, bake cookies, wrap and unwrap presents. let's reach out to those people... let's bless those people this season. JESUS is the reason. let's do for others, for anyone. for anyone but yourself. stop thinking about what you want, and what others need. stop asking and start giving. START somewhere. start, today... start now. START. bless those less fortunate that us.
i take all the little holiday things for granted. from the smallest to the biggest things. this season will be different. i am ready to make it different. to stop thinking and doing. to be as big and kind hearted as my dad.
who... last year, took me and my mom in the city of richmond to the legit slums where a simple candy cane and santa hat was everything to these children. my father packed up his truck with stuff he had bought and gave it out to these children and families. i've never had something touch my heart more. the GIFT of giving is such a dear thing. i would choose giving than receiving any day.
i choose giving than receiving this holiday season. 
JESUS is the reason... for THIS season and EVERY season. 

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  1. So glad there is atleast one person out there who thinks everything you just said! SOOO TRUE! & I absolutely LOVE that idea of your dad's! It's so amazing how the simplest things mean the most to people like that and sometimes we don't get it because we take everything for granted. Giving is so much better :)