Tuesday, November 2, 2010

know what can make a horrible, terrible, no good day better? CHRISTMAS decorations with a hint of christmas jams to dance around to.
this is exactly what me and my two BESTfriends/roommates did today.
last night was one of those nights where my anxiety/stresses/upset/moodiness got to me.
i was up until 4 am, talk about smart idea.
today in florida it was gloomy, rainy, and yucky. think that put me in a better mood? NAH.
so after class, mal and me had a brilliant idea to put up our WHITE christmas tree. our spirits were brightened. INSTANTLY! stockings-check.christmas tree-check.
missing:ornaments and a few other necessities to make our christmas that much better.
even though its november 2nd, who really is counting? EXACTLY!
"underneath my christmas tree"
me and my BESTfriend

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